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The museum is featured at
We made it to the link section and hope for more ;-)


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The Museum is featured at (German)
Thanks to Kai Lunkeit for the promotion. 

Passend zum 29. Geburtstag des gelben Pillenmampfers hat unter das gleichnamige Museum seine virtuellen Pforten geöffnet. Neben einer umfangreichen Historie und laufend aktualisierten News rund um das Thema Pac-Man bietet die Seite auch noch Links zu laufenden Pac-Man eBay-Auktionen sowie Bilder zu Kuriositäten wie Pac-Man-Plüschtieren, Pac-Man-Brotdosen und anderem. Ein Shop ist ebenfalls bereits geplant.

Clip from The King of Kong - The Arcade Guys...

On the "Characters" page in the history section you can see a video of
Billy Mitchell, the first Pac-Man Topscore player.


In this clip at youtube taken from The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters - you meet one of the gamers, Mark Alipiger.
That´s Arcade for a living...!

Happy Birthday Pac Man Cookies!

Here’s a great tutorial by Jocelyn over at Snack Or Die for some homemade Pac Man sugar cookies.

As for the ghosty shape, Jocelyn used a tulip shaped cookie cutter. Good to know since a tulip would probably be easier to find than digging around through the ol’ Halloween bin.

Pac-Man Museum open to the public!

Welcome to Pac-Man Museum - open to the public since 22th of May 2009 to commemorate the 29th birthday of Pac-Man. Any informations, inputs, contributions or anything related to Pac-Man will be greatly appreciated - please contact us.

When Toru Iwatani hungrily stared into his pizza box, he removed a slice of pizza and the idea for one of the greatest arcade games was born. At 27 years, the japanese game designer came up with the idea for Pac-Man - a game that became legend, and spawned numerous sequals and clones.

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