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Here you find a lot of links that we've found useful - the current coolest Pac-Man sites on the planet. A selection of excellent links (more to come...) have been provided below for your perusal. Please report dead links. Last full check: May 2009

General Pac-Man Pages - The official NAMCO Pac-Man page ! English & Japanese ! - Pac-Man page including Artwork and the Arcade manual (pdf) and more
The Pac-Man Dossier - page to providing players detailed game study - by Jamey Pittman - he´s still working on!
The Pac-Man Forum - the place to be... Join in the forum - Pac-Man Software for download - The Pac-Man Wiki - A Virtual Pac-Man Museum featuring a huge merchandise collection

History Related Pages - Pac-Man - this is your life! - Reawakening The Sleeping Giant: The Pac-Man Championship Edition Interview

Arcade Pac-Man Hardware Related Pages - Introduces the different Pac-Man Arcade models - Pac-Man's Ghost Behavior Analyzed And Fixed - Article by Don Hodges - Splitting Apart the Split Screen - Article by Don Hodges - Pac-Man Source Code With Comments, Chris Lomont

Collectors Pages

Bubbledog's Pac-Man Collection
Kevin Jay Norths page about Fleer's Pac-Man Stickers and Rub-Off games

Funny Pac-Man Pages - Pac-Man Fever over Manhattan


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