Pac Man Wild Edition Slot Features

Which Pac Man slots deserve your attention? Where can you play casino games inspired by one of the most recognizable video game characters? We decided to take a closer look at the game produced by Ainsworth. It is an amazing slot machine that you can find in any legal casino in the US.

The Best Pac Man Slots: Pac Man Wild Edition

When it comes to games dedicated to the Pac Man franchise, a Pac Man slot machine is the last thing that comes to mind. However, there are many fans of old school games who also prefer gambling to other forms of adult entertainment. Pac Man is a classic arcade game that managed to become a cultural phenomenon. No wonder that many online casinos decided to use it as a mascot. A typical online casino will offer you a casino bonus and invite you to play slots games like the one we are about to discuss. Get redirected here to the best Canadian casinos and real money bonus offers.

Game Overview

Ainsworth is a well-known developer and operator of physical and virtual real money slot machines. The company managed to obtain rights for this character and created an amazing slot game with outstanding special effects and colorful visuals. The game is a classic slot with a 3×5 layout and higher chances to get a wild symbol.

The game has been introduced to the market as a competing slot machine that could provide a better experience than some classic 3×3 machines that do not have additional bonus features without compromising casinos’ revenues.

The collaboration with BANDAI NAMCO allowed the company to produce a game faithful to the roots of the franchise. It is an authentic experience that you can enjoy in casino halls all across the US and Australia. Some European casinos also feature this amazing game inspired by the most recognizable video game character ever!

Pac Man Wild Edition Slot Features

Amongst all casino games, branded games have to stand out since there is not enough visual flair to the franchise known for its old school visual appeal. However, the Wild Edition looks much more colorful and energetic compared to other Pac Man slots from Ainsworth (the Dynamic Edition is a standard machine with a couple of Pac Man images added).

The biggest draw of Pac Man Wild Edition is its focus on wild symbols that can generate massive wins. Payouts are slightly smaller since you will have more opportunities to win a prize. Free games and bonus spins will make every single gaming session memorable and rewarding. Three types of jackpots and multiline betting also make the experience more engaging. If you want to make it even more interesting, we suggest heading to the NHLBetting site where you can discover all sorts of betting opportunities that you were not possible before.

BANDAI NAMCO did not shy away from actively participating in the development process. It is one of those rare official Pac Man slots.

One thing that our readers are probably very interested in, is that they can try this amazing wild edition Pac-Man slot for free with the $5 dollar no deposit bonus. Check out these guys to learn more and to get your bonus now!

Gaming Platform

Ainsworth is a manufacturer of slot machines that operates in Australia and the US. The manufacturer is well-known for its tall machines equipped with high-quality displays and intuitive interfaces. Ainsworth gaming machines can be found in many casino resorts all across the US. Many land-based casinos choose this manufacturer ensure that visitors enjoy their time at the resort.

Sadly, the gaming platform is not adapted for online play. You won’t be able to find Pac Man slots from Ainsworth at an online casino. You can find a legal casino that has a Pac Man slot and even gives you a casino bonus to play it, but the Wild Edition of the Pac Man game won’t be amongst games that you will find online.

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